High School Region Classes

High School Region Classes

Patrick Moore will be teaching workshops for the Texas high school region cello etudes during the summer of 2021starting in May on Zoom.

Classes will be organized by the level of the students, and will be limited to four cellists per one-hour long class. Once four cellists of a similar level have enrolled, the class will be scheduled based on the schedules of the students in that class. Each class is $20 per student. Tuition for the month is due before the first class of each month. I recommend that students sign up for a complete month at a time for ease of scheduling.

There are no auditions for placement into my classes. I can ascertain the level of cello students with a couple of questions via email. I.E. Have you made region or state before? What level of Suzuki are you currently learning? Have you played in thumb position before?

The small class size enables us to decide what is best for each class to work on every week. For example, one week we might start off with a mini performance. Or another week we work on the hardest part of the etude. The idea is that these classes will be individually customized to help you learn what you need help with the most.

All classes will be held on the Zoom platform. This online platform has the best sound quality in my experience and is easy to use.

In addition, all students who enroll in the classes will be provided with recordings of the etudes at different tempos. Students will also be provided with copies of the sheet music that will be digitally cleaned up so that the music is easier to read. Lastly, students can submit recordings to me up to four times a month for additional comments and assistance.

To sign up, just send me an email: